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About BA.LLB Course

BA.LLB course is one the best and most favorite career oriented courses for students who want a lawyer in their life. BA.LLB course is a law course which takes 5 years to complete. This course was first started in the UK and then got famous worldwide within a short time. BA.LLB course is an integrated course which combines business with law knowledge. There is numerous BA.LLB colleges in Delhi where you can admission easily and study. Almost all the BA.LLB colleges conduct their own entrance exam or they consider the rankings from CLAT exam.

BA.LLB course is one of the most famous law course in today’s era where everyone needs to have good knowledge of the law. Different BA.LLB colleges have different study patterns for students. All the BA.LLB colleges require minimum percentage marks for entrance and you also have to pass their entrance test in order to get admission to your favorite college.


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Career Helplines has been helping students to get admission into their favorite colleges for best courses. BA.LLB courses play a vital role in student’s life when he/she wants to make law his/her mainstream career. Career helplines is a team experienced experts who are completely dedicated to providing proper guidance to the students who need it. Career helplines have been in this business for last three years and now possess a reliable and experienced team. Any student who wants to pursue BA.LLB course can talk to our representatives at our office in Delhi or can visit our website for more knowledge. Career helplines are one of the top Law Colleges in Delhi. We provide proper guidance to students who want to pursue BA.LLB courses.

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ENROLL FOR BA.LLB Course PROGRAM (For 2018 - 2023)

Admission Open for BA.LLB Course at Best Institute in Delhi – Career Helplines Group

B.ED Colleges in Delhi

BA.LLB Colleges in Delhi & NCR

There is numerous BA.LLB colleges in Delhi with quality education and reasonable and affordable BA.LLB course. To know more about the  BA.LLB colleges in Delhi you can contact our team member at our office in Delhi. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to helping students in choosing the best courses and colleges for the betterment of their future. We’ll be glad to help you with anything considering colleges and courses.

CCS University (Meerut, UP)

B.R Ambedkar University (Agra)

Rajasthan University

BA.LLB Admission Process & BA.LLB Course Duration / Eligibility

( 5 – Year Degree Program)
The candidate who has qualified 10+2/ Intermediate in any stream with 50% marks can apply. For SC/ST candidate the selection criteria have been relaxed to a score of 50% in 10+2.

BA.LLB Admission

BA.LLB admission takes a little time to get confirmed. Almost all the BA.LLB colleges conduct there own entrance test for admissions. You’ll have to pass these tests with the minimum percentage marks to get admission in the next colleges. Few BA.LLB colleges which do not conduct their own test consider the rankings of CLAT exam which is a common entrance test for multiple BA.LLB colleges. Almost all the government BA.LLB colleges give admissions on their basis of your marks in CLAT exams. We at Career helplines will help you in getting admission into the best BA.LLB colleges in Delhi.


BA.LLB Course Duration.

BA.LLB course is a long time course and takes full five years to complete. Unlike other course BA.LLB is about a detailed study of the law and rules of a country. BA.LLB course duration is five years due to its long and detailed syllabus which revolves around law enforcement and rules. Despite it being a long course, students are trying their best to get admission into the best BA.LLB colleges in Delhi. For the best career guidance visit our website and get complete and detailed knowledge about BA.LLB course and BA.LLB colleges.

BA.LLB Course Syllabus From 2018 to 2023

BA.LLB syllabus includes multiple subjects which are taught in the time of five years. Due to the vast consideration of things the syllabus of the BA.LLB course is very long with numerous subjects.

Here are some of the subjects in the BA.LLB syllabus.

Meaning and classification of laws, sources of law, basic concepts of Indian legal system, legal writing and research

This paper focuses on the orientation of students to legal studies from the point of view of basic concepts of law and legal system.

Law of Contract

Formation of contract, consideration, and capacity, validity, discharge and performance of the contract, remedies, and quasi-contracts,

This paper aims at familiarizing the students with various principles of contract formation enunciated in the Indian Contract Act, 1872.



General English-I BL-101
Sociology-I BL-102
Political science-I BL-103
Economics-I BL-104
Indian History-I BL-105


English-II BL-201
Sociology-II BL-202
Political science-I I BL-203
Economics-II BL-204
Law of Torts BL-205



English-III                                                    BL-301
Hindi-I                                                          BL-302
Public Administration-I                                 BL-303
Contract-I                                                     BL-304
History of Courts and Legislature(India)      BL-305


English-IV                      BL-401
Hindi-II                           BL-402
Political science             BL-403
Human Rights                BL-404
Modern History              BL-405



Jurisprudence BL-501
Contract-II BL-502
Constitutional Law-I BL-503
Hindu law BL-504
Law of Crimes(I.P.C.) BL-505


International Law BL-601
Environmental law BL-602
Constitutional Law –II BL-603
Muslim Law BL-604
T.P.Act & Easement BL-605



Company Law BL-701
Labour Law BL-702
Interpretation of statute and Principles of legislation BL-703
Insurance Law and Accident Claims BL-704
Professional Ethics, Accountability for Lawyers and Bar Bench
Relations BL-705


Administrative Law BL-801
Arbitration, Conciliation, and ADRs BL-802
Intellectual Property Law BL-803
Banking Law BL-804
Drafting of Pleading and Conveyancing BL-805



Law of Evidence BL-901
Cr.P.C. BL-902
C.P.C. BL-903
Consumer Protection Law BL-904
Moot Court, Pre Trial Preparation and Participation in Trial Proceedings BL-905


UPZA & LR Act BL-911
Law Of Taxation BL-912
Cyber Laws BL-913
Indian Judicial System Problems and Solution BL-914
PIL,Legal Aid & Para-Legal Services BL-915

BA LLB Jobs Opportunities and Scope in India

  • BA.LLB employment areas BA.LLB course is a specific course which gives you employment in different employment areas including courts and consultancy firms. After you’ve completed BA.LLB course you can be a private lawyer and fight cases on behalf of people in exchange for monetary funds or you can apply for government prosecutor and fight cases for the court against the convicts and criminals. BA.LLB course has a vast employment area where you can experiment with your care with a handful of things. You can work for any consultancy firm or can even start your own consultancy firm where you can give advice related to law in exchange of charges.
  • BA.LLB course job opportunities.LLB course gives you multiple job opportunities in different fields where you can play with your career choices with a handful of options. BA.LLB course has a vast employment area where you can experiment with your care with a handful of things. After you’ve completed BA.LLB course you can be a private lawyer and fight cases on behalf of people who are ready to pay you. Job opportunities are multiple when you have a BA.LLB degree certificate in your hand. You will never run out of job opportunities if you complete your BA.LLB course from a reputed college.

ENROLL FOR BA LLB Course PROGRAM (For 2018 - 2023)

Admission Open for BA LLB Course at Best Institute in Delhi